i am Skywalker and i want you to show you my First G19 application: G19SkyNET App.

It’s an application i wrote in C# for the Logitech G19 keyboard LCD starting from the amazing works from Algeroc you can find here. The application is heavily modded by me using other plugins DLL to exercise my skill in programming. I’m not a professional programmer, you will probably find errors, but this is the best i can do.



3 different pages you can scroll using the hardware buttons LEFT and RIGHT of your Logitech G19 keyboard:

Hardware Monitor: CPU and GPU monitor, Network usage

Winamp/Audio, audio spectrum visualizer

Process Killer, processes usage and termination

Custom background color Theme

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FPSkyNET only lineFPSkyNET is a simple program written in C# for G19 Keyboards that show the FPS (frame per second) of your game (or DirectX application) using the source MSI Afterburner.

It shows current fps, minimum fps, maximum fps and average fps for the time that the graphic plot draws on your G19 screen. Using the menu button you can configure the binding to Msi Afterburner and the line plot colors. Custom background color Theme.


This simple applet is a son of G19SkyNET application you can find in this website.


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